Progress in the Restoration Movement

June 21, 2007

Thanks to Phil Spadaro at Restoration Unity for pointing out the new article titled “Travelling the Unity Road” at the Christian Standard website. The article is by Victor Knowles, founder and president of Peace On Earth Ministries (POEM). I wrote about POEM previously here.

It’s very encouraging to hear what is going on in various places to further the cause of unity among Restoration Movement groups. People are discovering that, even when we see differently on some issues, we can work together in our areas of agreement. And the areas of agreement are usually very substantial.

It was particularly encouraging to me to learn that the Providence Road Church of Christ in Charlotte is actively engaged in these efforts. I was a member of that church for five years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and still have dear friends in that church. Knowing those fine Christians as I do, it is no surprise to me that they are actively working for the unity of believers.


  1. Alan, I am very excited about the progress which has been made. I would like to see ICOC churches in the mix. I will keep praying. Phil

  2. I hope these efforts are more than lipservice. I think people may be finally serious about some unity. I doubt it will be totally serious until buildings start to be sold and groups combine or more buildings are bought and different churches plant new ones together.

  3. I also referenced that article in my blog (Igneous Quill).http://igneousquill.blogspot.com/2007/06/crossing-fences.htmlYou might want to take a look at my blog, clicking on the tag for “unity” at the bottom of the post I mentioned here. I actively work on both sides of the instrument, so to speak.

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