Father’s Day

June 18, 2007

Today was a great Father’s Day in my house. I am a very proud father of two daughters. My older daughter was married this past December, and the younger will be married by this time next weekend. The wonderful thing about today was having both daughters and my current son-in-law together to share the afternoon with my wife and me. We watched old and “incriminating” family movies, cooked steaks on the grill, and played games together. We talked about our lives now and about how each of our futures is unfolding. We laughed together as we remembered old times. This is what a Father’s Day should be.

Opportunities like today will be much less frequent from this point forward, after I give my youngest daughter away next weekend and as she continues the next phase of her life in another state. So today was a precious time in our house. We live in a culture where families are expected to scatter when the children leave the nest. I am not entirely happy about that. I am delighted with the unfolding of their adult lives, but I ache from the thought of only seeing my youngest daughter a couple of times a year for the foreseeable future.

One of the delights I find in my daughters is how much they love each other. They are two years apart in age, and have been best friends from the beginning. They are two very different people, but with so much in common. I love to see them loving each other. I pray that the distance and time will not lead them to drift apart. I hope they will make the effort to remain close. I believe they will.

God describes his church as a family. He is the Father and we are the children. I think our heavenly Father is pleased when his children love each other. I can relate to that, in a personal way. We Christians may have our differences, but we are fundamentally the same. I pray that Christians will make the necessary efforts to build tight relationships and to remain close despite our differences. We are family. Let’s love one another like a close family should.


  1. remember…..don’t forget to smile!!!congratulations!

  2. Hi TTK,Thanks, and thanks for the reminder!

  3. And…..did you remember??ttkps – any reply to your submission to DT?

  4. Well, I think so. I’ll have to see the pictures to be sure!I’m still waiting for a response from DT (sound of crickets chirping)

  5. those pesky crickets……i bet if you wrote a great article on how unified and fired up y’all are……..

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