Readers of this weblog may naturally want to know something about my beliefs and church affiliation. I come from a restoration movement background, having been baptized at the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ in 1976. I believe in salvation by grace through faith, on the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. I believe that Acts 2:38-39 provides the promise of forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit to people of all times and places who, upon believing in Jesus, repent of their sins and are baptized into Jesus. I believe there are some issues that are crucial to salvation, and others that are less important. My desire is to form unity with others on the crucial issues and not to create walls of division over things that are not crucial. I have a strong conviction about the original plea of the restoration movement, as articulated in Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and Address, specifically in the thirteen propositions for unity. I believe that if Jesus were here in the flesh today, he would be working to bring about that kind of unity.


  1. It is refreshing to see a plea for unity from a Church of Christ brother. Matthew 22:36-40 and John 17 are very clear in their intent from where I sit. While Christians of all tribes worship by different methods, if they they follow Christ, I consider them to be my brothers and sisters. My Church of Christ has gone through a tremendous God-led journey over the past five years and it is refreshing indeed. The things that we allow to distract us is simply mind boggling. I wish you all the best. I too have started a blog on the subject at http://www.terrystafford.com called Freedom to Worship.

  2. Alan, I was attempting to write a blog on Christian unity when I saw that it was already being addressed. That is wonderful news! Three years ago you would be hard pressed to find anyone talking about unity. I have just started an initiative called “the New Christian Unity Movement.” Look it over and let me know what you think.

    God seeks two things from this generation… to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), and that his body would become united (John 17:20). Join the Movement that seeks to do both! http://www.thechristianunitymovement.com/index.html

    Dr. J.D. Diamond
    Director – Peacemakers Outreach

    P.S. Also just started a Facebook page!

  3. Dr Diamond,

    I’m always delighted to hear of others seeking to build unity among Christians. I’m especially happy to see it when discipleship is at the center of that message. I’ll pray that your efforts make a positive difference as God brings about that kind of unity.

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