Three New Topics

August 17, 2009

I try to post an article on this blog at least once a week. That is easier some weeks than others. Sometimes it is hard to find the time, due to other pressing issues. At other times, writers’ block gets in the way, as I struggle to think of new and relevant material.

Today, writers’ block is not a problem. Right now I have three topics screaming at me to write.

1) A group in the ICOC has developed a new, much shorter Cooperation Plan proposal. Long time readers will remember that I objected to the original Plan For United Cooperation. The new proposal is much shorter (one page rather than twelve) and appears to have eliminated some of the more objectionable aspects. I will be studying this and discussing with the other leaders in my congregation. Once I have done that, I intend to write an article with my observations about the proposal.

2) This past weekend I attended a seminar produced by Douglas Jacoby and Steve Staten, titled “WHY DO THE NATIONS RAGE? Gospel Solutions to Prejudice and Separation.” This seminar directly confronted the racial issues facing our churches today. These important issues are clearly relevant to our Lord’s plea for unity among Christians.

3) In a few weeks I will begin teaching a four-week series on the book of 1 Peter. As is my custom, I will be blogging on the topic as I prepare for the classes. Due to the fact that I have an actual deadline to be ready for this class, the other topics may have to wait. But I’ll try to work them in.


  1. They could call it UPC-Lite %^)

  2. When will the "UPC-Lite" be published publicly?

  3. I'm not sure exactly when, but I presume that it will show up at disciplestoday.com eventually.

  4. X-Ray – I'm guessing it'll show up on the ICOC Cooperating Churches website with an update of some sort. They've changed their website address to 'icoc.org'ttk

  5. Alan – is this what you receivedhttp://www.icocco-op.org/content/view/85/1/

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