Preparing for 2009

December 16, 2008

From Thanksgiving through the end of the year is always a busy time, and this year is no different in that respect. Aside from all the personal and family business (“busy-ness”) that the Christmas season brings, there is the year-end church business and planning for the coming year.

We’ve chosen as our congregation’s theme for 2009 “Jesus is Lord.” (I wonder how many other churches choose themes for the coming year?) We will be tailoring our classes and activities during the year around that theme. So, beginning in January, we will be teaching a class we’re calling Red Letters, in which we will teach classes on what Jesus actually said. (“Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and not do what I say?”) Of course that’s not to diminish the other scriptures, which are also the word of God, but the recorded words of Jesus seemed to be a great place to start if we are going to call the church to live out “Jesus is Lord.” We will be team-teaching this (four of us rotating weeks) so we’re immersed in the project at this point, defining individual classes and assigning responsibility for each.

The last couple of weeks have been exciting for our church, as three of our teens have been baptized! We’re thrilled with the fine work our new teen ministry couple is doing… especially thrilled are the parents of those three!

Along with that good news there are challenging times as well. Many in our church have serious illnesses, or have family members in failing health. Several are dealing with the recent loss of a family member. This will be a difficult holiday season for some dear folks.

With all that and more going on, my blogging has been on the slow side recently. I’ll try to pick up the pace when my time frees up a bit.

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  1. Just want to thank you again for your interest in Christian unity. Merry Christmas

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