Alternate Views

August 15, 2008

The Christian Standard is currently featuring a pair of articles explaining two sides of the issue around the role of women in the church. In one, Joe Harvey takes the complementarian position. In the other, Lana West takes the egalitarian position.

I’m not going to get back into that debate, since I covered it previously in my series on First Corinthians. But I thought it was worthy of note that the Christian Standard is willing to present both sides of such a controversial topic, without making it an issue of fellowship.

Both sides cannot be correct. But I believe there are sincere Christians on both sides of the issue. A person can have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit without understanding anything about this topic. Such a person is therefore a brother or sister in Christ.

I doubt any Christian has absolutely perfect understanding of every Christian doctrine. We need to be willing to embrace as a brother those who disagree on topics like this one, because of our unity on the core gospel. Kudos to the Christian Standard for demonstrating that kind of unity.

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