Church and State in Texas (part 2)

May 29, 2008

The Texas Supreme Court has sided with the appellate court, refusing to overturn the decision that removal of over 400 children from their homes was not justified under Texas law.

I am glad to hear that a child’s rights, and parents’ rights, are protected in Texas even if the parents practice a highly unpopular religion. I previously posted my concerns at the lack of due process in the original abduction of these children by the state.

It seems to me that the driving force in this action was religious prejudice. I strongly disagree with the religious beliefs of this group on many levels. But if the government could get away with seizing children without due process, because the parents’ religion is unpopular, our first amendment rights are not safe. It is good for us all that the Texas courts have ruled against the seizure of these children.

One comment

  1. Here’s another article raising some interesting points about the Texas FLDS case.

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