Why I Believe the Bible

February 7, 2008

One of my daughters sent me a link to another great Voddie Baucham sermon titled “Why I Believe the Bible,” based on 2 Pet 1:16-21. The sermon is on YouTube in six parts (roughly five minutes each). Voddie Baucham is a Baptist elder and preacher whom I’ve mentioned before. I’ve forwarded this sermon to our church leaders. Though Baucham is a Baptist preacher, he has some profound things to say that our church of Christ leaders need to hear!

At the end of the sermon he makes an appeal for expository preaching.

I just shared an expository sermon. I preached the text, in its context. I did not try to be more creative than God… Here’s what I’m worried about. There are a lot of us who believe in the inerrancy of scripture. But some of us don’t preach like we believe in the sufficiency of scripture.

As shepherds and teachers, we are responsible to teach the scriptures to our churches. We need more expository preaching. We need to preach the text! Everything the church needs is in there. If we can’t find a passage that conveys the message we want to deliver, when properly understood in its context, maybe we want to deliver the wrong message.

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