Connect 4 Change

July 23, 2007

Thanks to pinakidion for pointing out a new effort towards unity in the Restoration Movement. The new site is called Connect 4 Change. The stated goal of the site is:

Connect4Change.net is devoted to providing a place on the Internet especially for Christians from different wings of the Restoration Movement to develop relationships, understanding and trust in order to help each other change and more effectively fulfill the ministry given us by Jesus.

The site founders are soliciting personal profiles from people in various segments of the Restoration Movement, as well as articles on topics such as various church cultures, stories of growth and victory, and other articles examining topics relevant to the Restoration Movement. I encourage folks to visit their site and contribute to the conversation.


  1. fyi – the profiles for you and Pink are up on the website now.ttk

  2. Thanks ttk. The Connect 4 Change site is just getting off the ground. I hope some more folks will submit profiles, especially folks from non-ICOC backgrounds. I appreciate what the site’s founders are trying to accomplish.

  3. So does the connect4change website not work anymore? Is this even trying to happen anymore. I just found out about it. Sounds great!

  4. Apparently there wasn’t enough response to make it worthwhile.

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