Progress Toward Unity in Omaha

July 2, 2007

I’ve been advocating for some time that Christians do not have to agree on every subject in order to do God’s work together. Here is a great example of how that can be done. The Omaha Church of Christ (a congregation from the ICOC) and the Southwest Church of Christ (an a cappella congregation of the mainline churches of Christ) cooperated together on a vacation Bible school. Quoting from the Southwest Church of Christ’s youth minister’s blog:

Two churches uniting to do something in the name of Christ (Omaha Church of Christ joined us this evening, and they are GREAT folks!!!)

Met more great folks from Omaha Church of Christ. Our members are building great relationships with them. Unity ran high.

Congratulations to these two congregations of God’s people for setting a great example in unity!

Thanks to Pinakidion for bringing this encouraging news to my attention.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the head’s up. This is very exciting news and I hope only the beginning. Phil

  2. Alan,Great post. It is an example of Christian Unity as your blog states. God bless you brother. Thanks for sharing this encouraging news with us.

  3. Hi Alan,Thanks for linking with pinaikidon’s site.Here in Canada, there have been a few sporadic efforts of unity. Nothing on a grand scale. More to come by the end of July

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