Virginia Tech Tragedy

April 17, 2007

Yesterday’s tragic murders at Virginia Tech grip my emotions. I do not understand all the feelings. The senseless randomness leaves me wanting answers that do not exist.

Justice seems out of reach in this case. I know God will sort all that out, but human nature wants someone to be held accountable. We were deprived of that carnal satisfaction because the shooter took his own life. So some people seem determined to make the university’s president the scapegoat. I hope that does not happen but I am afraid it will.

A troubled student reached the end of his rope, and took it upon himself to end the lives of 32 people. Who will be the next people taken out by another troubled individual? Nobody knows. But we know it will happen again. Life is short and uncertain. We live in a fallen and dangerous world.

Today is a day to show those we love how much they mean to us. Give your spouse, your children, your parents an extra hug and tell them you love them. Create a memory of love. One day it will be an especially cherished memory.


  1. In regards to your last paragragh…AMEN. It is hard, as a person of faith, to correctly find the answers suitable for those who do not God.P.S. I know you are a regular over at Clarkecomments….do you know what happened to his blog??

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments Alan. Phil

  3. Hi jp,Clarke’s hosting company apparently was hacked. He’s asked them to restore the site to the pre-hacked state and expects it to be down until sometime Wed am.

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