Elderlink 2007

March 26, 2007

On Saturday I attended my second Elderlink at the North Atlanta Church of Christ. What a fantastic program ACU has put together! The highlight of the event for me was the two-session keynote message by Jack Reese, author of The Body Broken. I highly recommend that book to anyone in the ICOC as well as the mainline churches of Christ. A number of folks in my congregation have read the book at my recommendation, and I am not aware of a single person who could read the book with dry eyes. Dr. Reese reaches the heart as well as the head as he identifies some of the deepest needs in both of these fellowships. If you care about the church, your heart cannot help but be moved by this book. How much more moving it was, to hear Dr. Reese in person on Saturday as he poured out his heart on these matters!

But there were many other inspiring and practical presentations. Everything was done excellently. I wish I could spend more time around these men. I need what they can convey.

Another high point of the day was encountering two men from my past. Both were converted in the same campus ministry as me, back in the 1970’s. Both are now serving as elders in mainline churches in NC. It was a moving, meaningful reunion. All together, a fabulous event.


  1. Alan, Thank you for sharing your experience. I am curious, were you the only one in attendance with an ICOC heritage or were there others? Several people in our congregation read, “The Body Broken” as well. It had a tremendous impact on us. Sincerely, Phil SpadaroRestorationUnity.com

  2. Another elder from my congregation attended, along with both of our wives. Two other elders, an elder’s wife, and a minister from a couple of other ACOC “spinoff” congregations also attended.

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