The Both/And Church

January 1, 2007

Editing (again…) to update the links to the three messages….

I want to recommend Rick Atchley’s recent three sermon series explaining the Richland Hills church’s decision to add a Saturday evening instrumental worship service. He has done a superb job of saying some things that have needed to be said in churches of Christ for over a hundred years. Thanks to Brett for providing the link to these sermons (though I know and respect that Brett does not agree with Rick’s message).

I am wrestling with whether or not to post articles about these three messages. Maybe I should leave it alone. I doubt I can add much to improve what Rick has said. I do want to call for those on both sides of the issue to accept one another without passing judgment on this or any other disputable matter.

One comment

  1. That’s a good series. My husband knew Rick years ago – he went to the same church for a while that Rick references growing up in, etc. A lot of Rick says can certainly be applied to more than instrumental music or just the issues in the mainline church.ttk

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