Real Life

December 20, 2006

This past weekend I gave away my oldest daughter. (Don’t worry, the Dad is doing just fine!) Weddings are really cool times. This one was particularly so because it was my daughter, and because it brought together dearly loved people from all the different time periods in our lives. It seems that this only happens at weddings and funerals. Of those two, a wedding is a much more delightful event!

My new son-in-law is of Korean descent, which made the event even more amazing. There were quite a few of his relatives who came all the way from South Korea to attend the wedding! I’m sure his family had a wonderful reunion just as the bride’s family did. My side of the family had our family Christmas get-together after the wedding, and enjoyed a great time together.

Blogging has taken a back seat for the past week, but I have some ideas for articles and plan to pick up the pace again during the Christmas holidays.

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  1. Alan, Congratulations! It is good you are taking a breather from blogging, weddings take focus (emotional, logistic, financial, etc…). Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. Sincerely, Phil

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