ACU Lectureships Online

September 8, 2006

This morning I received the following email announcement:

Want to attend ACU’s new fall Lectureship but can’t make it to campus?

Listen to LIVE audio streams of the theme lectures on your computer from home at www.totallyacappella.com.

Go to Totally Acappella’s website at each of the scheduled times to listen to the lectures.

Sunday, 9/17 at 7 pm and Monday 9/18 – Wednesday 9/20 at 11 am and 7 pm.

For more information about Lectureship, visit our website at www.acu.edu/events/lectureship.html.

The program has some very compelling topics. I hope to be able to “virtually” attend some of these. If you have a chance to listen to some sessions, I’m sure other readers would appreciate any comments you wish to share here.

One comment

  1. Alan-Totally Acappella is also available on iTunes. If you have iTunes just open it and click on radio. Then, click on religion and Totally Acappella will appear as an option. I used this back in February to listen to the Restoration Forum here in Kentucky. Good stuff. I really wish I could be in my hometown for this. The program Mark Love put together look incredible.Hope you are well.Kent

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