How Are Y’all Getting Here?

July 27, 2006

Recently I posted about where visitors to this blog are coming from. In a similar vein, I thought it would be interesting to investigate how people found this blog. There are three main ways: By a link on another blog, by a search engine, and from a bookmark. Since my counter shows me only the last 100 visits, here is that information broken down into those three ways.

1. Links on other blogs and sites. I think this is a function of where I’ve posted recently, and probably changes from time to time. Today, pinakidion takes home the prize. Anyway, here are the sites, with the number of references in my last 100 visitors in parentheses if more than one:

pinakidion.com,us (10)
salguod.net (2)
clarkecomments.com (2)
theoccasionalopinion.blogspot.com (3)

2. Search engines (google and msn are the biggest sources). I’ll break these down generally by topic:

Something to do with unity

christian unity (5)
unity christian churches
unity christian church and church of christ
unity of members in church
unity in new testament
hymns about christians unity
what does complete unity look like
god commands unity

Famous restoration movement / church of Christ people

w.carl ketcherside (2)
daniel sommer (3)
daniel sommers declaration at sand creek
“new testament” constitution campbell
impact at lipscomb brooks avenue
andre resner


restoration hermeneutics
hermeneutics- examples
necessary inference
ceni necessary inference
making rules where scripture is silent

Miscellaneous church of Christ related topics

bible only
restoration of new testament christianity
a capella hymns church of christ
communion format biblical basis
“church of christ” “no place like home”
“church of christ” sermon “wizard of oz”
scriptures on stumbling block
“north atlanta church of christ”
apostolic review

Other churches or generic Christianity topics

christianity tired of walking alone groups (2)
churches christian sault sainte marie ontario
do aog’s believe once saved always saved
the rules of worship
cs lewis 1 corinthans 7
god will do the right thing


unity sand (2)
christian illustration

3. For the remainder, there is no referrer information available. That could be because the visitor’s browser is suppressing the information that the counter uses to track the referrer. Or it could be that they came here directly from a bookmark.

I think some regular visitors originally found this site by accident, and continue to come back here using the same search terms. Often it is obvious a person wasn’t really looking for this site (“unity sand”) but when they saw the site in the search result, they found the topic interesting enough to click, and sometimes spent quite a while reading.

Based on the search terms, quite a few of these folks were actually looking for information related to the ongoing topic of this blog. Even for those who were looking for something completely unrelated, it seems that the abbreviated subject information returned by the search engine was interesting enough to cause them to click. I take that as a positive indicator that people care about Christian unity, even when they have something else on their minds. At least I hope that is the case.

Interesting to ponder anyway.

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