ElderLink Atlanta

March 22, 2006

This Saturday, many of the elders, ministers, and their wives from the ministries of the ACOC will be attending the ElderLink program in Atlanta. ElderLink is a ministry of Abilene Christian University. From their website:

Perhaps you have heard a common theme from elders: “I’ve been asked to serve my congregation as an elder, but no one has ever taught me how to do this, and there are few resources to help me.” Many of our finest, most committed church leaders feel fatigued, frustrated, or inadequate for the enormous responsibilities they face in serving as elders.

A ministry from ACU called ElderLink addresses this serious need. The mission of the ElderLink ministry is to equip, encourage and link those who lead and serve as elders in Churches of Christ through collaborative relationships, informative resources and shared learning opportunities.

Saturday’s ElderLink forum in Atlanta is being hosted by the North Atlanta Church of Christ.

I am very excited about this opportunity to learn and to build relationships with other elders in the Atlanta area. Please pray that many good things come from this forum.


  1. Guiding the church is an awesome responsibility, and I have the highest regard for those willing to make all the sacrifices necessary to keep God’s children in the right path. It’s always refreshing to hear of an elder humble enough to realize the need to continue searching for ways to improve himself and the church he helps shepherd.I join you in prayer that this forum in Atlanta will produce great results.

  2. Alan, I look forward to hearing what you learn and more importantly the relationships you forge. Sincerely, Phil SpadaroRestoration Unity

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