Doctrines of CENI ongoing…

March 9, 2006

Once again I need your help, this time with the Doctrines of CENI study.

Please visit the Doctrines section of Clarke’s RestorationWiki and help us fill out the data on the various church of Christ doctrines. For an example of what we are looking for, click on the Adult Believer Baptism link from the Doctrines page. Clicking on any of the incomplete pages will take you to an editing screen for entering the contents of the page.

For more wiki editing / markup tips click here.

Once we have completed this phase, we will see whether the data gives us insights into the hermeneutics we have been discussing.


One comment

  1. Alan, I did not realize the ICOC teaching of one church, one city was not native to the Boston movement. J.W. McGarvey ( A Treatise on the Eldership, 1870) writes, “We find also that the church at Ephesus had a plurality of Elders, also called overseers; Acts xx: 17-28; that the same was true of the church at Philippi, Phil. i: 1; and that Titus was left at Crete to ordain Elders in every city, which is equivalent to ordaining them in every church, because there was but one church in each city.”Perhaps that it is minor belief which should be added to the doctrine inventory. Sincerely, Phil SpadaroRestorationUnity.com

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