Doctrines of CENI

March 6, 2006

For the past several weeks I’ve been writing articles related to the hermeneutics of the churches of Christ. For convenience here is a collection of links.

Silence of the Scriptures
Command, Example, and Necessary Inference
When is a Command a Command?
Binding Examples
Necessary Inference
The Big Squeeze: Silence and CENI
Do Expedients Help?

When time permits I will pull these articles into my “Past Series” section so they will be easier to find.

Meanwhile, we are now ready to start on the project I suggested a few weeks ago. In the midst of writing those articles, I suggested that we collect an inventory of Restoration Movement doctrines that have been developed based on this hermeneutic. It would be quite interesting to look at these doctrines from the perspective of CENI, and to evaluate how well supported each is, how well reasoned from the scriptures. We have a start on that collection of doctrines, and have spent some time thinking about the hermeneutic itself. Now we can begin examining how that hermeneutic has shaped the doctrines of these churches.

Phil Spadaro suggested that this examination would fit well into the Restoration Wiki project that Clarke has started at RestorationMovement.org . The more I have thought about this, the better Phil’s idea sounds. By having this conversation on the wiki, it encourages a collaborative and ongoing effort. Over time it can be refined until it becomes a valuable resource for studying the beliefs that define and sometimes divide the various Restoration Movement groups. Hopefully this can lead to constructive dialog, increase mutual respect, and promote unity in the Lord’s church.

Clarke has offered to set up an area for us to begin this collaboration. Keep an eye on the Restoration Wiki site. When Clarke has a chance to open up a new area for this project, we can begin! (Editing to add a direct link to the correct page in Clarke’s wiki)

Please participate! I’m very eager to see what we can learn together in this effort.

My blogging opportunities will be rather limited for the next couple of weeks since I will be out of town tending to some family responsibilities. I will try to stay in touch through the blogs and the wiki project when it kicks off.


  1. Just a note to call attention to the direct link to the Doctrine discussion area of Clarke’s wiki:http://restorationmovement.org/wiki/index.php/Doctrine

  2. Also, there is a primer on wiki editing hereThat page came from the Wikipedia which is a particular wiki site, so some of what they say doesn’t directly apply to us. But the editing syntax information shoud be helpful

  3. […] You, Father, are in Me and I am in You. (HCSB) « The Big Squeeze: Silence and CENI Doctrines of CENI » Do Expedients Help? March 1, 2006 In the previous article I suggested that the […]

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