Upcoming Events

February 14, 2006

This weekend my wife and I will be travelling to Columbia, SC to attend the 2006 Southeast Festival of Faith conference hosted by the Columbia Church of Christ. This will be a gathering (primarily) of former ICOC congregations from around the southeast, and should be an interesting time. It will be the first such assembly in the southeast in several years. Since the last conference the various congregations have become autonomous after years of centralized control, and have been addressing various reforms that were sorely needed. There has been communication among the churches in the intervening years, and there is reason to believe that many of us are moving in similar directions. It will be interesting to see to what degree that is really the case.

On another note, an ElderLink forum will be hosted at the North Atlanta Church of Christ on March 25. ElderLink is a program out of Abilene Christian University designed to support elders in churches of Christ. I am very excited about the opportunity and am making plans to attend. Hopefully several other elders from the Atlanta family of former ICOC congregations will also attend.

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